Common Misconceptions About Psychics

Today I would like to cover a few topics that are important for consumers to know prior to contacting a psychic.


This is by far the most important thing for a client to know. I can say with 99.9% certainty that even the best psychic is not Neo – they do not plug themselves in and see every movement and every detail of a person’s life. Psychics are human beings, meaning they experience things in nearly the same manner as everyone else with the exception of a little coaching. A psychic is not tuned-in 100% of the time. If they were, I would not want to experience what kind of migraine that would cause, (otherwise known as a ‘psychic headache’).

Psychics have the ability to tap into Spirit, collective conscience, or another realm, (or your perceived view of what these are), with whatever abilities they have been blessed with, and pull information from this Source. They do not “live” inside the Source; however, from time-to-time Spirit will reach-out to communicate without asking or trying.


This is a very common misconception that people hold about psychics. Telepathy is one of many psychic abilities; however, it is not claimed by all. I have been asked by friends and clients alike, “What am I thinking?” to which I guffaw and shake my head. I’ve even had people sit at the other end of the phone in complete silence, without saying anything other than “Hello”, waiting for me to read their mind. I’m sorry to break it to you, but we’re not all mind-readers.


Psychics sometimes have a difficult time reading their own life, outcomes to situations, relationships, (and so on and so forth), for several reasons. Being able to cut past logic and emotions are two of our biggest challenges when trying to read our own lives. Many of us already know how a situation will end, (especially with relationships); however, we are human. We still face the same dilemmas as anyone else, and it can be difficult to detach ourselves from a situation to get an unbiased perspective and understanding of a situation. Emotions and logic cloud judgment, create doubt, hope, and a barrage of other factors that cause us to deviate from a path that we know is correct for us. We consciously choose to ignore the red flags and gut-pulling that Spirit makes available to us, which is why it is common to see one psychic reaching out to another for advice.


“WHEN?” is probably the most commonly-asked question of a psychic, which is one of the more difficult topics to explain. Some psychics have the ability to pinpoint dates, while another could be shown a month on a calendar or see and/or feel a season (ie: dark setting, snow, colorful leaves, heat on their skin, cold, etc.). Some psychics cannot tell you when something will happen – they just see it happening. My personal perspective is that the ability to foretell a time when something will occur is a separate ability in itself. Some are better at it than others.

Let’s also not forget one of the most important things to remember: NOTHING IS SET IN STONE. When someone receives a reading, they become equipped with information that can subsequently cause a deviation on their path. Now that you “know” how a situation will unfold, how will you use that information? Will it cause an event to speed-up, slow-down or cease to exist completely? Let’s also not forget the topic of FREE WILL.


Once again, MEDIUMSHIP is an ability that not all psychics possess. Like telepathy, this is one of many abilities. If you are looking to connect with a loved one who has passed-over, make sure that person is a medium prior to contacting them.

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Bad Reading =/= Fake Psychic

At some point in time you may have received a “bad” reading from a psychic. Does this necessarily mean the person is a fake? No. There are a multitude of reasons for not receiving an accurate reading from a psychic, whether it is online, over the phone or in-person.


It’s similar to the way we choose who we associate with, who we love, and so on. We each connect with people on a different level. We feel drawn to some people while being repelled by others, and then there are some that fall in between. We all operate on different wavelengths.

One psychic may connect so well with you that they receive what I commonly refer to as a “data dump” – being downloaded with a vast amount of information regarding the querent and his/her surroundings, influences, etc. Another psychic may only pick up certain details surrounding that individual. It truly varies from person-to-person.


For psychics who rely on clairvoyance or other visual means of psychic communication, this one can be tricky from time-to-time. While some images are very cut & dry, (such as holding hands, wedding bells, etc.), others can have a meaning that is more obscure. For example: If the querent asks a question about their finances, and the psychic receives an image of a slide at a playground, does it mean the climb upward is over and everything is about to slide into place or is this more of an omen for things going downward? If additional images are made available, then this can be very easy to interpret; however, if this is the only image received, then the psychic must focus inward to their intuition for further answers.


I have personally experienced this one more than once in my life. The querent can knowingly or unknowningly have a psychic block present that does not allow the flow of information. When I have experienced this with a client, I received an image of a large “X” or a blank slate. All of the information I normally have buzzing in my mind becomes silent. Although this occurs more commonly with people who are skeptics and non-believers, it can happen to a client who truly believes in Spirit.


This one cannot be mentioned nearly enough. A client is in a panic, angry, crying or screaming. For advisors who are also empaths, this one will cause the most difficulty during a reading. Bad readings are common as a result of negative energy. The psychic can work with the client to calm them prior to the reading, ask them to call back or deny a reading based on their energy, (with a brief explanation). The latter of the two may cause a client to leave negative feedback, especially if they are really worked-up over a situation, but it’s an unfortunate risk that some advisors have to take. In situations like this, I offer to send the client free minutes to call me back.

Although there are many more reasons that I can list here, the four that I’ve listed here seem to be the most common in my experience.

Feel free to share your insight on this topic.


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I received my first professional reading by a woman in the psychic community of Lily Dale, New York during late Spring of 2002. Her readings were not only accurate, but astonishing. I didn’t tell her a single thing about my personal life prior to the reading. Not only did she QUOTE some really bizarre things that only my mother would say to me, (and in the same tone), but she made numerous predictions that came to pass. My last visit with her was in October 2008, just before she went into a nursing home at the age of 84.

I have been looking for a good psychic medium with astounding precognitive abilities ever since.

I have tried out numerous “psychics” on, (as well as other places), and actually, some of them are pretty good with tapping into a person’s energy and whatnot, but what most of them seem to lack is the ability to foretell the future, (although there are a few who haven’t let me down yet)!

That being said, I am aware that one psychic may be completely in-tune with one individual, but may not connect with another, so I’ve been playing the “match” game so-to-speak, trying to find ones that I connect with.

If you have had a positive experience with a psychic medium, please feel free to mention their name and contact info, (website, etc.), and what their strong points are in the comment section.

If you are looking for a psychic, here are my personal recommendations.  Please keep in mind that psychics are not “one size fits all”.  What works for me may or may not work for you.


  • Jeanne Clock
  • AstroMOON (tarot)
  • Ocean Mystic 12 (tarot)
  • TripleMoonGoddess (tarot)
  • S I N C E R I T Y
  • Neptune Seer
  • Andrew Jaycen – A fantastic spiritual reader.
  • David James (tarot)
  • MsDream228
  • CoachG – truly amazing!  Takes callbacks and appointments only.


COLORADO –  Colorado is a haven of all things metaphysical, and there is no shortage of new age bookstores, psychics, tarot readers, classes, psychic fairs, etc.  Here are a few recommendations:

Karen Fox, Psychic Medium (Denver metro)

Myrna Lou, Palm Reader & Soul Mate Specialist (Longmont)

Denver Psychic Development Group – This is a fantastic and fun group taught by Spiritual minister Charles Cox.  They meet every Friday evening at Cornerstone Books in Englewood, Colorado.  This is also the largest psychic development group in the world.

MINNESOTA – World-reknowned author & medium Echo Bodine resides in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  She offers in-person readings, psychic development classes and readings by phone.  For more information, you can visit her website.

NEW YORK – If you’ll be visiting Southwestern New York state, make a trip to Lily Dale Assembly.  It’s right outside the town of Dunkirk and less than an hour from Buffalo.  If you visit between the months of May and September, you may have to pay a gate fee.  Many of these psychics also do phone readings.  You can visit the Lily Dale website for a list of registered mediums.

CALIFORNIAKyra Oser, open-channeler, hypnotherapist and healer.  The information she conveyed to me during my session with her was highly personal and could not be found anywhere online.

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